Four Season Property Care

Your Glen Gate Property Care Manager takes care of all the following for you - all year long.

spring summer fall winter
Spring   Spring Property Care   Wake up your landscape.
Evaluation Inspect for winter damage: woody ornamental shrubs and trees, driveways, walkways, masonry decks.
Landscape design Walk with GG landscape designer to review property and decide on areas requiring redesign.
Organic care Decide on level of organic care.
Bed clean up and plant preparation Remove winter debris; cut back winter interest grasses and perennials, prune roses and semi-evergreen plants.
Driveway Remove snowplow sand, and clean all displaced gravel.
Edges Re-establish existing bed lines with new cut edges to create smooth flowing lines and crisp differentiation between bed and turf or hard surfaces
Fertilizer Balanced fertilizer will be applied to all beds, and lawn applications will begin now and continue throughout the summer.
Mulch Applied to all beds to improve appearance and help with nutrient and moisture retention.
Weed and crabgrass control Pre-Emergent will be applied to all beds to assist in control of weeds. Apply controls to all fine turf areas to assist in control of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Remove weeds from in between flagstones.
Sprinkler Activate system, balance clock for spring watering needs, check each spray and rotary pattern for overlap and precipitation rates, adjust nozzles, clean sediment filters, install new battery for clock.
Driveway and Yard Drains Drain grates will be removed and sumps cleaned after spring buds and flowers have dropped.
Outdoor lighting Evaluate and adjust landscape lighting.
Seasonal flowers and pots Design and prepare flower pots, perennials and rose beds; plant annuals.
Touch ups Touching up and painting outdoor architecture and pergolas.
Fencing Inspect and repair as needed
Summer Summer Property Care The growing season.
Plantings Design and care of indoor plants.
Seasonal flowers and pots Rotate seasonal color in pots and beds.
Cultivation and edge touch up Mulch will be turned over and bed edges touched up throughout the year.
Ground covers Cut back and prune ground covers to keep within intended spaces, and to encourage fullness.
Perennials, roses and
flowering woody ornamentals
Flowers will be deadheaded and cut back as appropriate, fertilizer and insecticides specially formulated for perennials and roses will be applied, stakes and cages will be set up as needed.
Plant health care,
integrated pest management
A licensed PHC technician will monitor and treat woody ornamental shrubs for cultural, disease and insect problems throughout the season.
Lawn health care,
integrated pest management
A licensed LHC technician will monitor and treat turf for cultural, disease and insect problems throughout the season.
Weed control Hand weed and apply post emergent herbicide treatments. Including along curbs, walkways and on patios.
Pruning, espalier and
sculptural pruning
Some specimens require special pruning throughout the summer. Others require hand pruning just once.
Mowing Weekly mowing for all fine turf areas to seasonal-appropriate height, line trim where lawn abuts all edges, blow all lawn clippings from hard surfaces.
Sprinkler System performance and watering needs of your plants will be monitored and your sprinkler system maintained by our Field Manager as needed throughout the growing season.
Ticks The health of your family and our staff is of utmost importance, therefore Glen Gate will include tick perimeter reduction treatments.
Autumn Summer Property Care Preparing for next spring.
Seasonal flowers and pots Plant fall annuals in pots and select beds; plant spring flowering bulbs.
Prepare lawn for spring Aerate, fertilize, balance pH and overseed.
Deer and winter protection Apply anti-desiccants. Spray braodleaf evergreen and install burlap and mesh protections.
Perennials and roses These plants will be put to bed for the winter, including cutting back appropriate perennials, and mulch protection of roses.
Sprinkler Close system down, force high volume of compressed air through each line to purge water to protect from freezing.
Driveway and yard drains Drain grates will be removed and sumps cleaned after fall leaf drop.
Leaf clean up All turf and beds will be cleaned of fallen leaves.
Tree care Inspect trees for bracing, wiring or removing limbs. Deep feed trees and shrubs.
Gutters Clean all gutters of leaves and debris
Winter Summer Property Care Dormancy.
Indoor plants Design and care of indoor plants.
Plowing Includes staking driveway in preparation for plowing; and keeping walkways free of ice and snow.
Holiday lighting Design, mount and then remove decorations and lighting.
Dormant pruning Select species of woody ornamental shrubs and trees are pruned to improve branching structure and enhance appearance of the plant.
Lighting Adjust night lighting to maximize winter interest.
Keep up Your property will be walked very other week for assuring it is free of debris.

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