Rethink, Redesign, Rejuvenate…

Renovate your swimming pool and outdoor living spaces.


Are you looking to make a change with your pool but not sure where to begin? Have you inherited a backyard that does not meet your needs, tastes or lifestyle?

Your pool and its surroundings may benefit from renovating, updating, expanding, opening up, or perhaps a complete rethinking of how it all comes together.

We will help you articulate your desires and create a vision to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Landscape Management Services


Great design is timeless. Yet time takes its toll on even great works of art.

Under the right guidance, you can restore your pool environment to its original glory. Your pool finish may be worn, and your pool decking may look dated and out of level. Your tile and coping may be in need of repair or a complete face lift.

The renovation specialists at Glen Gate are skilled at honoring the spirit and character of your original design, while restoring its beauty and adding modern touches to make your pool and property feel anew.

Pool Maintenance


Does your pool match the architecture and scale of your property?

Glen Gate can modify your pool to complement your home and surroundings. We can enlarge or shrink your pool – and make it deeper or shallower. As your family’s needs evolve, so can your swimming pool.

When renovating your pool, you may want to consider adding a spa, exercise jet, water feature, or a space for children to play. It may also be a good time to add a cabana, bathroom or expand your terraces.

Garden Landscaping Services


Now is the time to update your pool’s operating systems to promote efficiency, ease of use, and quiet operation.

With the newest remote control systems, you can monitor and control your pool operations, spa heating and property lighting from most anywhere.

You can also make your pool healthier and more enjoyable by taking advantage of proven technological advancements. It’s now possible to reduce your energy consumption and need for harsh chemicals by employing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Swimming Pool Maintenance


Imagine extending your outdoor living season and blurring the lines between spring, summer and fall.

By adding architectural elements to your property, you can create new destinations for exercise, relaxation and entertaining.

From a functional outdoor kitchen designed for cooking and entertaining, to an outdoor fireplace for ambience on cool nights – we can help you create your own private oasis.

Commission the Glen Gate design team to inspire and help you imagine what is possible for your pool, home and property.

Pool Design


Rejuvenate your property by inviting us to design and stylize your surroundings in a way that is uniquely you.

From gracious entryways full of overflowing pots and flowers, to outdoor rooms stylized in the décor you love, call on us to help you realize your vision.

Whether you prefer classic tradition or modern design, our design team will take its cues from your interior spaces and create a unified look and feel to your pool and property.

Call us and learn how we can bring a renewed sense of style and splendor to your pool and property.

Landscape Design


Does your property feel disjointed and disconnected?

Are you frustrated with the form or function of your swimming pool and outdoor spaces?

The Glen Gate design team will unify your outdoor space and reform your landscape around the existing structural elements of your property. Where necessary, we will modify those elements to improve the design.

Your decking and gardens can be reshaped to improve the traffic flow between your pool, cabana, home and public spaces. Fence lines can be pushed out and vistas can be opened to create a new sense of space.

Swimming Pool Design


Your home should be a place of safety and well-being for your family. This is why we take the upgrading of your swimming pool quite seriously.

Many older pools have gaps in safety standards that should be updated to the current state and national safety codes.

Of course, safety is more than just a safe pool. There are wide ranging landscape safety issues that we can address relating to traffic flow, fencing, tree canopies, and sun protection.

Please call us to learn about the many ways we can help you better protect your family.

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